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and Materials & Metallurgical Engineering

What does a materials, metallurgical and asset integrity engineer brings to your asset management strategy?

He resides at the heart of the asset management strategy by being the link between operations, maintenance, reliability, projects and supply chain departments.

She can establish a relationship between the microscopic level of a material and the overall macroscopic performance of the asset it constitutes. With this exhaustive understanding, she is a key player in implementing sustainable solutions to optimize your assets value, throughout their life cycle.


Consult with one of our experts to understand your needs.


Together, we will develop assessments and execute them to understand the level of your needs and identify opportunities of improvment.


We will elaborate mitigation plans to ensure an adequate risk management.

We’ll Treat Your Assets Like they are Ours

Each client is at a different level of maturity and we will ensure to adapt our solutions to your needs and develop a customized solution.

Who Should Work with Wingabo?

Whether you are a small enterprise or a large one or anything in between, Wingabo offers the solution to your needs, ensuring a flexibility adjusted to your situations.

With our network of partners in Québec, Ontario and Alberta, we can work together to bring a sustainable solution.

Our Services

Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Root cause failure analysis
Material selection and testing
Metallographic Analysis
Microscopic Characterization
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Heat Treatment Processes
Product Development
Manufacturing Optimization
Welding Procedures Development

Asset Integrity

Reliability Centered Maintenance
Failures Modes and Effects Analysis
Total Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Risk Based Inspection
Inspection and Test Plans
Quality Assurance and Control
Shutdown Inspections
ISO 9000x, ISO 55000x, ISO 31000x

Notable Clients

Énergir - Imagine energy differently
I AM GOLD Corporation
Pilot Diamond Tools
Indorama Ventures

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